Midnight Silent Crush

by Rupert Angeleyes

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This album is supposed to be one story, but perhaps I made the lyrics too cryptic. I hope you can make sense of them.


released July 7, 2009

Andrew Jansen played the keyboard and helped me lay down the basic tracks. Elliott Kozel helped me arrange it.
The secret song is by Tickle Torture. Thank you Phil for going to helping me cut out all the booklets.



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Rupert Angeleyes Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Greetings from the Lair
Welcome to my lonesome bedroom
Home of morbid views and fear of flues
I penned a poem covered in you name
Wearing the lipstick you though you threw away

On Halloween, you made out with me
You were in character, you were very drunk
Now I'm picking paint off your window pane
because I'm all alone and your not wearing any clothes
Track Name: Following an Erection in the Dark
Police sirens
Made their mating call
Retrieving my teen-aged head
From a lust-filled fog
Handcuffs scratched my wrists
As I kneeled on the asphalt
Half-asleep and shirtless,
You watched from you bedroom uninvolved

They drove me away in a police van
Hopefully the searchlight didn't wake your cat
The sheriff choked on his walkie talkie
As he dreamed of a punch out sheet and some coffee
I thought of a Valentine's treat
As I carved your name on the backseat

Deep in sleep
And between your sheets
A serpent found you
On a picnic in a dream
He ate your cupcakes
and stained your jeans
Unforgiving fingers
strangled him till he turned green

He coughed up blood and a wedding ring
And a pair of Chickadees serenaded in a tree
The green grass turned to warm concrete
And you didn't notice till your legs were knee-deep
When the concrete found your tan lines it felt like
sitting in a church where they served fake wine.
Track Name: Jail was Pleasant Purgatory
This jail cell
Has a morgue-esque tone
The toilet's full
Of tears for you

My heartless
Lunch was cold
But on my pillow
Laid a letter from you

My lawyer said I'll soon leave this place
Because there's no evidence for a court case

I held a veil
To my cheek
As I read your speech
Vacant and brief

Between remarks
I tasted punch
And beach-side brunch
On our honeymoon

Hand me my flashlight I'm heading to your place
Just in time for the holiday
Track Name: Crunkish Poem
That silly county cop
Dropped me off on your block
Resuming my post on your lawn

With thorns behind my ears
And a pocket full of beers
I saw you sucking on a burn on your thumb

Oysters, chocolates, and hors d'oeuvres
Dripped out your house in a hearse
I thought that romantic dinner was mine

You must have known that I was coming
So I brushed the dirt off of me
As I strutted towards your porch

That's when I hybrid arrived
Pulling silent on your drive
And out walked some mysterious guy

I licked my lips
I licked my teeth
I saw him kiss you
On the cheek
I jumped back in the bushes
Squeezed my hands into a fist
Track Name: I'm Your Savior
You and that's relationship
Was soon spiked with bad intention
I went to the YMCA
And signed up for swimming lessons

We were in the same class
I wanted him for a friend
Slowly as the weeks passed
I lured him into the deep end

We always had bouts of small talk
Every morning as we stretched
I suggested we meet up
For karaoke that weekend

I made him go on stage to sing
And as he sang the Top Gun theme
I pulled a pill out of my sleeve
And slipped in his long island iced tea

Your boyfriend's bad you need a savior
Rat trap clap he'll meet his maker

We left before the pill kicked in
And I didn't tip the waiter
I called up a prostitute
Who owed me a favor

I dragged him to a motel
I ripped off his pants
As she sat on his lap
I took a photograph
I charged room service on his tab

Your boyfriend's bad you need a savior
Rat trap clap he'll meet his maker
Track Name: The Sting
I confess last month's actions
Have been lustful and unbridled
I've got what I deserved
Like an experienced pearl diver
I'm in your house, I've touched your mouth
My numbers on speed dial
Your boyfriends gone, his picture's down
Off of the kitchen island

Speaking of pearl divers
Islands, sunshine and black diamonds
Our dates feel waterlogged
You talk with goggles on your eyelids
When you talk
Your mouth's a cave with tiny tombstones hiding
Like a tiger in a zoo
Whose teeth fell out from never fighting

I'm dumping you like a teenage slut
And your make up's running like mud